Insurance: Don’t Cancel, Reduce!

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Insurance: Don’t Cancel, Reduce!

As we roll into Spring and the cost of living continues to rise, we are all too aware of how people are examining their finances. With every penny saved counting, families are cutting back to save money.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and other subscriptions are all easy to cancel, even if just as a temporary measure but we are also seeing an increase in individuals and families that are cancelling their insurances to save some money

For anyone thinking of cancelling their insurance, we say – stop! Don’t cancel, reduce!

If you have a life and or Critical Illness policies, consider how much cover you really need – we could work together and look into this for you and reduce the level of cover this would then reduce the premium, meaning you are paying out less.

It’s so easy to cancel a direct debit, especially as you can do it directly from your mobile banking app with no interaction with anyone else, but it does also mean that a few clicks would see you without any cover. Some cover is better than no cover!

Let us help you save some more of your hard-earned money today by reviewing your policies and premiums – we are here to help get the deal and cover that is Best 4U!

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