Your ticket to world-class wellness

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Your ticket to world-class wellness

After recently joining Aviva’s seminar on their Global Treatment add-on, I need to scream its benefits from the rooftop!
It’s not just insurance; it’s the superhero promise your health deserves, all for less than that large Costa Coffee per month (other brands are available).

So, let’s talk about the facts of the policy.

Coverage and peace of mind
Unleash your health freedom. Aviva Global Treatment Add-On ensures that you’re covered within your home country and when you travel abroad. This global coverage provides peace of mind, knowing that quality healthcare is accessible, regardless of location. Your treatment costs and care upon returning home are covered with your travel and accommodation. To top it off, it covers your travel costs and costs for your accompanying person.

World-class medical facilities
With Aviva’s global network of healthcare providers, you can access some of the finest medical facilities worldwide. This access means you can choose the best healthcare services and medical professionals, ensuring top-notch treatment and care for you and your loved ones.

Get your cash in a flash
Aviva knows you’ve got better things to worry about than paperwork. The claims process? Easier than ordering pizza. Swift, seamless, and hassle-free – because when you need cash for medical bills, you need it yesterday.

Your ticket to world-class wellness.
Customise your coverage based on your own needs. Aviva provides flexibility whether you require additional coverage for chronic conditions, maternity benefits, or dental care.

Upgrade your lifestyle and utilise their fitness perks, health screenings, and more. It is not just here for when you are sick but for promoting preventative care, extending well beyond your financial protection.

Emergency Hotline
Aviva is on speed dial 24/7 with a dedicated team ready to assist around the clock. After all, emergencies don’t care if it’s 2 AM or your birthday.

If, after reading all of this, your mind isn’t blown and you aren’t reaching for your phone to give us a call, then let’s focus for a minute, or 3 to be exact, and watch this short clip. Honestly, from me to you, if you watch anything today, I beg you to let it be this video.

In conclusion, it isn’t just your basic insurance add-on; it is your partner in crime in a world where health uncertainties can nip at you anytime. It has global coverage and access to world-class medical facilities. Cheers to a life well-insured!

If you would like to know more about this insurance policy, or the many others we have access to, please get in touch with our friendly team today! 

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