Tax Bill Funding

Tax Bill Funding

Tax bill funding

It’s that time of year where either your corporation tax is or was due at the end of December and you have perhaps not paid it yet or you’ve got your personal tax due or a vat bill due. We have access to short-term lending for tax bill funding. They generally lend a minimum of £10,000 each time although we can do less. The loan is arranged over 3,6,10 and sometimes 12 months because they want it to be repaid back before your next tax bill is due and they pay it directly to HMRC for you. Don’t worry about being judged because circumstances at the end of the day may have dictated the fact that you can’t pay a tax bill currently this could be something along the lines of you have had an exceptionally good year and not expecting such a large tax bill, you had a very large contract which means you had a very large VAT bill to pay or you just don’t want to use your capital and would rather keep it in the business or use it to expand your business, so if you would like some further information, please get in contact and we will obtain a quotation 4U!

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