Be savvy when using social media!

Be savvy when using social media!

We see it all the time – posts on social media platforms (mostly Facebook!) asking fairly innocuous questions such as….

“What was the name of your first pet?”

Seems like an innocent question to answer, and when you look at the thousands of comments, it seems many people agree.

But wait – don’t answer! You could be giving away vital information to a scammer. A lot of your information is already available on social media – your name, birthday, and location. Add to this list potential answers to security questions and you could find yourself in a whole load of trouble!

All it would take is for someone to go through the comments and then go through your profile to start to collate all this information and – with their sophisticated hacking programmes – they could potentially get into many of your online accounts, including access to your banking apps!

Safeguard yourself – don’t share anything that could be used against you online and if you see friends doing it, perhaps you can gently encourage them not to do it too!

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