B4U x DIY SOS Big Build Kettering

DIY SOS Big build team with Natalie and Cara from Best 4U

B4U x DIY SOS Big Build Kettering

The B4U team were absolutely delighted to be involved in the Big Build undertaken by the popular BBC1 television show DIY SOS for a local family in Kettering.

Working together for the McAuley family, hundreds of local volunteers donated their time and skills to help. Former soldier Shaun McAuley died suddenly in November last year from an aggressive and rare form of cancer, leaving his widow Lindsey and their family – her two girls and their two young boys – grieving with his plans for major renovations on hold and them living in an ‘uninhabitable’ house.

Volunteers made an early start on the morning of 16th January with mum Lindsey and her family addressing and thanking the assembled tradespeople and crew.
Presenter of DIY SOS Big Build Nick Knowles said:

“The community has come together to build the family home and a place to begin a new life-chapter together.”It’s an amazing thing to be part of.
“Your kind volunteering and donations can help reunite a grief stricken family under one roof, allowing a place to grieve and a place to begin a new life chapter together.
“We are so grateful for all the trade volunteers and the donation of products to assist in this very emotional build. Them being here is a great example of how communities have looked after each other during the pandemic.
“Shaun served his country. For me, as a guy and a family man, he set out to build this house for his family. The house was unfinished. He wanted to provide and protect. What we have seen is that everyone here is determined to pick up where he left off so they have a family home.”

Our very own Natalie and Cara had the following to say about their experience on-site, why they wanted to take part and what they have taken from it.

Why did you want to volunteer and help on the DIY SOS Big Build?
Natalie: Because the opportunity came up and I wanted to give back more to the community than just money and provide my time and feel like I had helped make that house a home.
Cara: It felt like the right thing to do when Natalie said they were still looking for volunteers, giving something back to the community and being part of a show that changes peoples lives.

Natalie carrying water on the DIY SOS Big Build Kettering

What did you enjoy the most?
Natalie: Making new friends and feeling like I had really made a difference.
Cara: There were so many things but the top 2 was most definitely seeing the house come together from what it was and being there for the big reveal and seeing the happiness on the face of a broken family; to be part of that was and is, so humbling.

Cara with Billy working on DIY SOS Big Build Kettering

What have you taken from the experience?
Natalie: Never take your nearest and dearest for granted and tell them you love them every day.
Cara: That anything is possible and if you know someone genuinely needs help help them as we never know what is around the corner.


We will share the date and time for the airing of the programme as soon as we know more.

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