Is Shared Ownership Right for Me? 

Is Shared Ownership Right for Me? 

Hello. So today we’re going to talk about shared ownership.

You might be looking to buy a property – or remortgage if you already own one with shared ownership – but traditionally, it’s normally a purchase.

It might be that you’re hoping to get onto the property ladder. With shared ownership you can purchase a percentage of the property; particularly, if it’s an expensive property you might only want to take 25%. This will mean the housing company own the other 75% and you’ll pay rent accordingly on that share.

We deal with a few lenders who would ask you to put a little of your own deposit in, it can be as little as 5%. Or, we have a couple of lenders who cover 100% of your share of the deposit, so you don’t have to put any money in at the start.

If you would like some information on shared ownership options, please get in touch. We can look at your situation and see how we can help.




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