7 Families – One Family’s Story: Melanie

7 Families – One Family’s Story: Melanie

So, as I said in my last blog, I want to share more with you about the seven families being supported by the 7 Families charity.


As I mentioned in How 7 Families Changes Lives, this is a charity supported by insurance companies to raise awareness of, and support families who have, experience of serious illness without financial protection.


Let’s start with Melanie who was 40 years old and married with 3 children when she got support from 7 Families. Melanie had a career as a midwife, a job she loved, doing something she’d always wanted to do. Due to poor health and a prolonged absence from work, primarily due to arthritis – she eventually had to give up her job, losing her income.


Then, one day it got to a point where Melanie couldn’t even get out of bed she was in so much pain. She was eventually diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and had to have a hip replacement. Since then Melanie has also been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, EDS, which affects the connective tissues in the joints which then affects the movement of the joints – she’s constantly fighting for her body to stay together because the tissues are no longer strong enough.


7 families offered Melanie financial support for 12 months, and now her daughter is her main carer. Melanie’s husband still works but it’s had a massive financial impact on the family, and she’s not been able to support her own personal bills – such as loans and credit cards, because she’s lost her income.


But, due to being picked by this charity, Melanie was offered a 12-month tax free income to continue to survive financially – and mentally. She also now has the additional expense of travelling to specialists and consultants. Not only has Melanie got EDS but now her son has been diagnosed with it as well, alongside severe fatigue.


Please take the time to look at the website www.7Families.co.uk – where you can see the Knights family story, and how this charity has changed their life.


Many thanks, Cara

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