Review Your Outgoings to Protect Your Future  

Review Your Outgoings to Protect Your Future  

Hi Everyone, I’d like to talk today about your monthly outgoings, and what’s important to you.

Have you ever looked at your monthly outgoings and reviewed them? Contacted your providers and got yourself a better deal on your mobile phones? Your Sky or Virgin? Your gas or electricity?

We all have to pay a lot out each month and, once you include your rent or mortgage, bills might average £1000-£2000 a month.

How many of you have got a cat, or dog? A horse? Or any pet? Is your pet insured? The reason we insure our pets is often to cover the costs of vet bills, it’s primarily what we think about because those bills are so expensive.

But living is expensive. The cost of life is expensive.

Let’s say you were to go to the doctors, be referred to a consultant and get signed off, unable to work. That’s no money. No more money coming in from you.

Ok, in some jobs you’ll get 3 months full pay, or 6 months full pay, but then half pay. And, in some roles you’ll only get statutory sick pay.

What if you’re signed off for a long time? What if you’ve got a critical illness? How are you going to afford to live?

But you’ve got your pet insured! So… will your pet pay your bills? No.

An Income Protection Insurance would pay your bills. Critical Illness Protection would give you a nice lump sum in the bank.

Protect yourself.

Find out how the right insurance can be your protection here

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