How 7 Families Changes Lives: Insurance Companies Doing Good

How 7 Families Changes Lives: Insurance Companies Doing Good


Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


I’m going to use this blog as an opportunity to tell you about a fantastic charity, 7 Families; and, I’d like you to take some time to visit their website and read the stories of the families there.


On the 7 Families website, you can see how the seven families involved have had problems financially because they became unable to work.


This fantastic charity has supported these families financially for a year with a tax-free income. The charity promotes, and are trying to raise awareness of, the importance of making sure you are financially protected in the event of a serious illness, terminal illness or disability.


These seven families didn’t think they were going to be unable to work, that they would lose an income. And, they hadn’t considered the impact illness would have on them as a family.


You may be wondering how this charity works, I think it’s pretty amazing, because the funding for the charity comes from insurance companies. These are some of the companies we actually use – Exeter, Legal and General, Royal London, Aviva, Aegis and Scottish Widow. These are companies who you might buy this insurance from, it doesn’t have to be expensive and, surely, it’s better to pay out a little bit now for when you can’t work.


Can you afford £19 a month now, for example? Or £1500 a month when you’ve lost your earnings? I know what I would rather do.


Please take the time to visit the website – Have a look, there are timelines of the families so you can get to know them, their careers, and how their illness came about. I’ll also talk about them, in more blogs and videos, individually to give you a snippet of what happened to them.


Also on the website, there’s a quiz to see if you’re financially secure. We all think that we’ll be ok, and we think these things will never happen to us; but you can see from these seven families that it can happen to anyone.


So please, take the time to look out for my blogs in the future, have a look at the website, and if you’d like to know anything else get in touch with us at Best 4 U Insurance.


Many thanks, Cara

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